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What Can I Expect?

Stress Free, Step by Step Experience

Quality Work with a Team You Can Trust!

Our system is refined, and our 5 Step Process is simple. Our team of design and building professionals will discover your vision and bring it to life…on schedule…on budget! We know making renovations to your home can be disruptive to your family and lifestyle, which is why we value your time and schedule.

Getting started with Quick Bath is simple. Click the button below STEP 1 to invite one of our team members to your home to discuss your vision, assess the space, and provide the advice you need to make an informed decision.

Here’s our simple step-by-step process:


STEP 2 –

step 2Presentation of the Proposal and Detailed Work Description


step 3Hire us to design and build your project


STEP 4 –

step 5Procure ALL project material before demolition

STEP 5 –

step 6Begin Project Work


Step 1 – Initial Meeting

Your dedicated team of specialists works very hard creating a stress free experience for you during the remodel of your bathroom or kitchen.  The first step begins with an in-home meeting (approximately 1hr+) where we will discuss your vision, ideas and inspiration.  We will also take detailed measurements and photos of the space.

Step 2 – Proposal Presentation

Our second meeting will consist of the project proposal.  This consists of reviewing of the floor plan concept, and reviewing the very detailed scope of work we call our Clarifications & Assumptions.  The review process will paint a vision of what is included in your project. We include everything needed for a complete project.  You are not asked to provide materials for the project.

Step 3 – Design

The next step is the design phase.  Here we determine your layout, design and selection needs for the project. The needs of each project are different. Some need a basic floor plan, while others require full sets of plans. We also offer a 3D rendering if desired. A design contract price will be provided based on the needs of each project.  The general range is $500 up to $3,000+.  This cost is credited to the project if QUICK BATH is hired for the construction phase.  The timing of this phase can vary widely based on the needs and the ability to reach final decisions on the design and selections

All the material selections are made during this design phase also.   We use an online, project management app called BuiderTrend with an owner interface. This app is where all project related materials can be found, including financials, selections/approvals, schedule, emails, etc.

Step 4 – Construction Contract & Procurement

Once the design and selections are complete, and the final budget agreed upon, the construction contract can be signed.  During this phase we procure all of the approved materials.  We use an All of the materials are picked up and taken to our warehouse where they are confirmed and marked with your job #.   Once we have all the products confirmed and in hand we can begin the construction phase with confidence.

Step 5 – Construction

Our dedicated team members understand remodeling your home can create anxiety as well as anticipation. We are committed to the minimal disruption possible, with a goal of creating a stress free experience.  We show up every day (with specific exceptions we will notify you of in advance), we set up protection and dust control as if it is our own home, and we clean up after ourselves every day.  We create a written schedule for every project that we hold our team accountable to.  We are committed to completing work in the shortest amount of time without compromising on quality.